Supraworld unfolds as a contemporary fairy tale, delving into the creative freedom of the mind through an expanded perception, while shedding light on the harsh realities of the mass poultry industry. Captured are a fortunate free-roaming poultry community, intermingling with wild birds amidst the ancient trees of Crystal Palace Park in Porto, Portugal – a historical ‘green lung’ of a profound significance in the city’s history.

Supra means above, beyond or transcending, where birds the soul messengers serve as apoignant metaphor, highlighting their ability to navigate both the heavens above and the world below.
Surrealistic scenes emerge and vanish, contrasting the harsh realities of industrial mass poultry farming with the backdrop of a global decline in biodiversity in the interconnectedness of ecosystems and civilization.The “Portraits” transcend mere discussions on dietary choices; rather they invite to connect, to see and feel through their eyes, and encounter our own rich emotional landscape in their presence, by feeling their joy, pain and hunger and being united.Interventions in both still and animated photographs occur in the skies only. The double exposure of some of the animated images in the video intend to fortify the magic realms and healing aspect, underlined by the hypnotic drums of the Navajo Indians and birds sounds. Like a modern-day parable, evoking the age-old power of fairy tales to ignite imagination and wisdom in both the young and the grown. In an era where social eco-political pressures demands a constant performance and more screens, nurturing creativity without relying solely on digital devices becomes paramount.By fostering creativity, fantasy, and a mindful perception, we equip everybody with easy  tools in order to navigate better  in an ever-evolving AI  landscape.

To gaze and recognize with humility that the order we observe in the cosmos is intimately intertwined with the very essence of our earthly existence. In “Supraworld” boundaries are blurred between utopia and reality offering a glimpse of light in dystopian times.

Opening speech of Supraworld 11.11.2023 from left to right: Renée Chabot, Bernardino Castro Director of CPF. Ohiane Chamorro, Luis García Montero Director of Instituto Cervantes, Spain (Photo credit: Lucy Monteiro)

Title Supraworld 
Photos Printed on Hahnemühle Photorag metallic
Size 200 x 135 cm 70 x 46,7 cm and 40 x 26,7 cm
Edition 3+1AP

2019 Hahnemühle Galerie FineArt Galerie article:


2019, ‘Supraworld’, Arles competition, showcased at Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, opening night.

In 2020, at the Centro Português de Fotografia (CPF) office in Porto, Portugal, a “Supraworld” is acquired for the permanent National Photo Collection of Portugal. Featured in the photo are the Director, Bernardino Castro, and Renée Chabot. Photo credit: Márcia Freitas. For more information about the Photo collection, please contact Dinora Rodrigues, Arquivística/Coleção Nacional de Fotografia, at

Renée Chabot, Making of Supraworld (Photocredit: Pedro Noguiera)

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