Supraworld unfolds as a contemporary fairy tale, weaving together threads of different perspectives about freedom, biodiversity, and the poultry industry. Through a subtle fusion of still Photography and animation, boundaries are blurred between utopia and reality in dystopian times.

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The Photo animations  ‘Supraworld ‘ was screened at Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles 2019, selected through a competition.

In 2020, at the Centro Português de Fotografia (CPF) in Porto, Portugal:  One Photograph of Supraworld” was acquired for the permanent National Photo Collection of Portugal.The photograph features Director Bernardino Castro and Renée Chabot. Photo credit: Márcia Freitas.

Supraworld is a modern fairytale about freedom, different perspectives, the poultry industry and bio-diversity. Featured is a fortunate community of free roaming domesticated and wild birds living amongst ancient trees at this enchanting Crystal Palace Park in Porto, Portugal.

Supra means above, beyond or transcending and Chabot  transforms birds as a poignant metaphor, highlighting their ability to navigate both the heavens above and the world below. Throughout human history, birds have served as potent symbols of spirituality, representing freedom, peace, strength, beauty, and the transformative journey of the soul.However, our reverence for these majestic creatures has been overshadowed by exploitation, particularly since the onset of unbridled industrialization in the 17th century. The consequences have been dire, with numerous bird species facing extinction. Presently, the looming threat extends to approximately 1,200 bird species, imperiled by human activities.

Intricately woven into this tale is the somber reality of the poultry industry, where the lives of countless domesticated birds are reduced to mere commodities. Raised primarily for meat, eggs, and feathers, these birds endure lives that are far removed from their natural rhythms. The stark contrast is evident when considering that a chicken’s natural lifespan is around a decade, in stark contrast to the economic practices that truncate it to as little as a single month, or at most, a year and a half. While ethical concerns within animal industries are gaining momentum, substantial change faces obstacles in the form of entrenched belief systems and the prioritization of business gains over compassion.

Supraworld serves as a modern-day parable, evoking the age-old power of fairytales to ignite imagination and wisdom in both the young and the grown. In an era where societal pressures demand constant performance and competition, nurturing these qualities of creativity and imagination becomes paramount. By fostering a connection with fantasy and perceptibility, we equip future generations to navigate an evolving landscape, including the rapid encroachment of AI-robotics into work and life balance.

Through a subtle fusion of still and moving imagery, Supraworld blurs the boundaries between utopia and reality in dystopian times. At its core, Chabot’s artistic experiments converge around the concept of perception and photography, unveiling the intricate interplay between cultural-, social-, and political- belief systems. These are the very foundations, that shape our thoughts and emotions leading to concrete actions, serving as a poignant reminder of the profound impact our believe- and value- perspectives have on the world and us.

Public exposure

2023: “Supraworld a modern fairy tale” at the Photomuseum Centro Português de Fotografia (CPF) in Porto, Portugal. 11.11.2023-31.3.2024.

2019 “Supraworld” screening at “Les rencontres de la Photographie”, Arles, France.

2019 Hahnemühle Fine Art Gallery Article in Profifoto: Supraworld 

Title Supraworld
Photographs Printed on Hahnemühle Photorag metallic
Size 70 x 46,7 cm and 40 x 26,7 cm
Edition 3+1AP

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Renée Chabot, Making of Supraworld

Photocredit: Pedro Noguiera

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