“In-between” showcases the interior walls of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, capturing the fascinating fusion between classical and modern design.

Built in 1914 by early modernist architects Karl Moser and Robert Curiel, Chabot`s focus lies on exploring the interplay at the threshold between the tangible solidity of these walls and the ethereal forces they embody.

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Soloshow at DaVinci Gallery 2017, Porto, Portugal, curated by Anna Goncales.

FIX PHOTO 2016, London, UK, Invited and curated by Laura Nobel. 

“In-between” unfurls a captivating exploration of the architectural marvel that graces the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Orchestrated by the visionary minds of early modernist architects Karl Moser and Robert Curiel in 1914, this architectural gem serves as a harmonious bridge, seamlessly traversing the realms from classic to contemporary design. Chabot, in a stroke of artistic sensibility, employs the lens of a borrowed Hasselbladt camera to draw us into a mesmerizing visual voyage: A journey that dances upon the delicate boundary between tangible architectural structures and the ethereal dance of immaterial physical forces they embody.

Moser and Curiel’s architectural opus stands as an eloquent testament to the juncture of representation and abstraction, while Chabot’s lens gazes upon these walls, a breathtaking metamorphosis on the boundary in-between the the solidity gives way to a vivid symphony of light, hues, and shadow. Each tone emanates a rhythmic vibrancy, infusing the very essence of the structure with an almost palpable energy, blurring the line between the tangible and the intangible, the physical and the psychological perception.

Chabot deftly captures the architectural elements through a dynamic interplay of direct and multiple exposures. The result is a delicate dance between over- and underexposed instances, a canvas of chance where colors emerge as harmonious accidents—where natural and artificial light coalesce in an enchanting embrace. Walls metamorphose into strokes of vibrant vitality, evoking the spirit of abstract painting. The hues, almost liberated from the shackles of materiality, transform into pulsating manifestations of architectural energy.

Chabot’s mastery extends to her intuitive command of light, a conductor orchestrating the interplay between building and lens. Accidental colors, born of this exquisite pas de deux, unfold in a meditative medleys, suspended in the delicate interstice between the realms of photography and painting—unveiling a harmonious duality that enriches both disciplines.”In-between” stands as a symphony of sight and insight, a visual voyage that invites us to ponder the profound interrelationship between the visible and invisible forces of buildings, and the wealth of architectural and photographic representation. Through this photo series, we traverse the exquisite threshold where the material and the immaterial embrace, where energy dances with form, and where the human soul finds an solace in the harmonious embrace of light and color.

Title In-between (#1-14)
Year 2013
Photograph Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper
Size/cm 87×87 cm and 50×50 cm and 35×35 cm
Frame profile 8 x 35mm, custom colour
5mm glass spacer with sub-frame
Non-reflect glass
Edition 3+2AP