In-between  In-between explores the boundaries of existent, seemingly solid walls yet immaterial physical forces.”

Built by early modernist architects Karl Moser and Robert Curiel in 1914 the University of Zurich. It  exhibits the transition from classic to modern architecture, thus presenting the perfect visual analogy to depict Renée Chabot’s vision for her series.  Moser and Curiel’s architecture becomes a pivotal  place between fact and fiction as her lens transforms the solid walls into a living breathing entity of light, colour and shadow. Each tone seems to vibrate and pulse with invisible energy merging the physical with perceived psychological forms. She photographs figurative elements directly and through multiple exposures, which are both over and underexposed. The resulting colours are accidents generated in the camera, blending natural light with artificial light. The homogenous outcome merges all the hues of the spectrum against the architectural attributes of solid.  Walls dissolve into a  image akin with traditions found in abstract painting. These expressions of colour seem to dematerialize  solid into energetic forces of architecture. Chabot’s intimate understanding of light controls the colours created -although accidental –  it bounces between the interiors of both the building and her camera. Dissolving these two elements into each other the photographs themselves experiment with our optical unconsciousness resulting in meditative works that sit between the genres of painting and photography.

Text : Laura Nobel, Curator London

Titel In-between 1-14
Year 2013
Size 87 x 87 cm, 50 x 50 cm and 35 x 35 cm
Materialization Piment prints on 100% cotton fine art paper
Handmade wooden box 8 X 35 mm, custom made colour,  5 mm glass spacer with a sub-frame and Anti-Reflex museum glas.
Edition 3, 2 AP

FIX PHOTO 2016, London curated by Laura Nobel, more to see in menu exhibitions

FIX PHOTO 2016 London curated by Laura Nobel

Soloshow DaVinci Gallery Porto 2017,  curated by Anna Goncales, more to see in menu exhibitions

FIX PHOTO 2016 London curated by Laura Nobel