In the void

“In the Void” delves into the labyrinthine expanse of a bustling public space, such as the iconic Grand Central Station in New York City, at the height of rush hour. Within this kinetic tapestry, the ground becomes a canvas, adorned with ethereal imprints of transient shadow figures. A symphony of forms converges, swells, and recedes, as if engaged in a dance choreographed by light and shadow. Through the lens, a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of fleeting silhouettes materializes, leaving an indelible mark upon the visual narrative.

The camera assumes the role of an observer, a silent participant in this enigmatic play of shadows. Amidst the throng of anonymous passersby, a dualistic presence emerges — one that exists both in the immediate reality and within the realms of their inner contemplation. Here, ephemeral encounters materialize and dissolve in the blink of an eye, their essence suspended betwixt tangible existence and intangible perception.

In this interplay of emptiness and substance, the photographs offer a visual meditation on the self. The surrounding spatial interplay casts an evocative spell, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Within these compositions, landscapes of shade traverse the visual terrain, etching a path that traverses both time and emotion. A profound dialogue unfolds as these shaded pathways become records of the past, seamlessly coexisting with the present, while propelling towards an unseen and uncharted future.

“In the Void” stands as a poignant testament to the continuum of existence, an exploration that navigates the boundaries of time and space. Through the evanescent complexity of light and shadow, the past whispers, the present beckons, and the future unfolds, inviting us to unravel the intricate threads of perception that weave the fabric of our shared human experience.

Title In the void (#1-10)
Year 2002
Fine art print   Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper
Size/cm 50×50
Editions 3+1AP