In the void

In the void explores the overwhelming abyss of a public space, namely rush hour in Grand Central Station, New York City. The traces of figures rendered on the ground amass, expand and retract passing through the lens in a kaleidoscope of fleeting shadows. ‘In the void’ plays in the shadows with anonymous strangers whom seem both present and absent from view amidst their own inner dialogues. They are the things that appear in the blink of an eye whose shapes register between reality and perception. Emptiness and nothingness is embraced through a visual contemplation of self through the space ‘in between’ pictured here. These landscapes of shade cut a path across the photograph, which in itself records the past, yet appears present whilst surging towards an unseen future.

Titel In the void 1-10
Year 2002
Size 50 x 50 cm,  Scanned Negatives, 100%  fine art prints on Hahnemuhle fine art paper
Edition 3, 1 AP