Supra means above, beyond or transcending.

Supraworld is a modern fairytale about freedom, bio-diversity and the poultry industry. The series features a fortunate community of free roaming domesticated and wild birds living amongst ancient trees at Crystal Palace Park in Porto, Portugal.

Birds are the perfect metaphor for their unique perspective of the world, from above as well as from below. Throughout human culture, they have been powerful spiritual symbols of freedom, peace, force and transformation of the soul. Unfortunately human reverence has been surpassed by human exploitation, leading to the extinction of several hundred bird species, particularly since unrestrained industrialisation started in the 17th century. Right now it is estimated that 1200 more bird species are at risk of extinction through human activity.

Most domesticated birds are raised for meat, eggs and feathers, predominantly in a mass mechanised industry that reduces them to commodities and radically shortens their lives. For example, the natural life span of a chicken is around 10 years, while economic interventions reduces that to as little as 1 month, or a maximum of 1½ years. Although many voices are questioning ethics in animal industries, change remains a challenge given existing belief systems and hierarchies of habits.

Fairytales have traditionally been used to encourage imagination in both children and adults, because it leads to greater creativity and wisdom. Stimulating this important part of children’s upbringing can be favourable to their future, by helping them to cope with the increasingly performance-based, competitive culture that requires them to accomplish more tasks in much less time. Fantasy and perceptibility are key skills needed to support the dramatic shift towards AI-robotics.

Public exposure

2021 Centro Português de Fotografia CPF, Porto, Portugal. Supraworld exhibition postponed due Covid restrictions.

2020 Centro Português de Fotografia CPF, Porto, Portugal. Acquisition of Supraworld for their permanent, national photo collection.

2019 Hahnemühle Fine Art Gallery Article in Profifoto: Supraworld 

2019 Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, France. Supraworld video was featured as a result of being selected from the Photo Festival’s BYOB competition.

Title Supraworld
Fine art prints  Hahnemühle Photorag metallic
Size On request
Editions 5+1AP

Chabot during the making of Supraworld, April 2019

Photocredit: Pedro Noguiera