Disappear To vanish or pass from sight and cease to exist to another is one of our most primal fears. The connectedness of one person to another informs their identity. Disappear attempts to depict this phenomenon. As a connection sparks into being and a relationship is driven forward the vigor in which these sparks fly burn bright but often only for a moment. Like breathing in and out one cannot exist without the other. Depicting the igniting of a relationship thus must be met with the erosion of the ego, which as it dissolves visually contrasts with the notions of existence. These optical inhalations and exhalations using layers to build a painterly effect and are made with both working and broken camera lenses, providing the perfect metaphor with literal as well as visual connotations.

Titel Disappear 1-4
Year 2001
Size 35 x 35 cm
Photograph 100% 30 x 30 cm, Scanned negative Cotton fine art paper
Frame Hand made frame with anti reflex museumsglas
Edition 2 + 1 AP