Photo: Porto  2019

With a masters in architecture from the ETH-Zürich, swiss artist Renée Chabot fuses her background of photojournalism and architectural into experimental photography. “Dematerialization” is her artist statement. “Since always I have been interested more in the immaterial aspects of life, as creation, perception and reality, then materialistic consumption.” By travelling into the invisible-visible world of Photography, layers are the main formal tool, to explore not only the boundaries of photography, but also to express immaterial, psychological, metaphysical  layers of existence into a dialog. Working with layers, began with her patented layerd-lighting invention In.grid since 1999. “With my  lighting company realising and producing the collections till 2011, which sold Europe-wide by Neweba and parallel taking commercial photo-comissions such as zero, speedo and fischer law and real estate/portraits. The extensive lighting exhibition “Illuminar Design da Luz”1920-2004” in FAAP in Sao Paulo nominating the In.grid collection, as a mayor lighting  invention of the 20 century next to Tom Dixon and Ingo Maurer. To  dissolve shadows into 3-dimensional light & shadow patterns, with optical illusions, in order to expand space awareness, brings in the following experimenting with photographic  boundaries and layers in her current body of work. Renée Chabot works  between Portugal and Switzerland. The latest news can be viewed below.

NEWS exhibitions

2019 Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles Supraworld . video projections,  selected from the BYOB competition for the  50 th birthday of Les rencontres de la Photographie.


2000 MA Architecture, BA Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH-Zürich


2019 Photoschweiz Multiverse at Photo19 in Zürich. https://www.photo-schweiz.ch

2019 London Photo Festival has selected a work from the series Multiverse for the ‘Directors Choice Series’ of Photoschweiz https://www.reneechabot.com/photo-19-zurich-_london-photofestival-10-1-14-1-2019/

2018 Noite Solar at Fotofestival SOLAR in Forteleza Brazil Videos Multiverse: Videos https://www.solarfotofestival.com/en

2017 Solo-show Gallery DaVinci, Porto.”Multiverse” and “In-between” https://www.reneechabot.com/davinci-art-gallery-porto/

2016 Photofestival Encontras da imagem, A place under the sun, Braga Portugal “Multiverse” http://encontrosdaimagem.com/en/archive/2016/exhibits/multiverse/

2016 Multiverse nominated by Laura Noble for Pictet prize 2016

2016 Photofestival FIX Photo London  “Multiverse” and “In-between”

2015 Groupshow “Ohne Schatten” Galerie 38 K, Munich

2015 Groupshow Japan ,Grimaldi Forum Mc, Award for the series “In-between”

2014 Group show Salon d`Autumne “Richesse”, second price given by AIAP for the series “In-between” 

2008 Soloshow “Paysages d`Eau” Gallery Wehrli, Zurich

2004 Portraits of buildings Gallery Seminarum Rerum, Irène Preiswerk, Zurich

2004 Groupshow  Illuminar, Design da Luz 1920-2004, Sponsors : Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, Sao Paulo Brasil, Centre George Pompidou, Paris, Vita Museum Basel, Musée des Arts decoratives Paris

2001 In.grid VIP first time exposed at lifestyle store Colette, 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

2001 Group Show “Scapes” UBS Munich curated by Marc Robinov, black and white architecture photography.

Fairs with the layer concept lighting invention In.grid

2012 In.grid collection Maison et Object Paris, Ambiente Messe Frankfurt

2011 In.grid collection Maison et Object Paris, Ambiente Messe Frankfurt

2010 In.grid VIP Maison et Object Paris,Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, Hong Kong Lighting Fair, Onaris Bern Switzerland

2009 In.grid VIP collection Euroluce, Milano, Maison et Object Paris, Ambiente Messe Frankfurt

2008 In.grid VIP collection  Maison et Object Paris,Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, Hong Kong Lighting Fair

2007 In.grid VIP collection Euroluce Milano, Maison et Object Paris, Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, Onaris Bern, Switzerland

2006 In.grid VIP collection Maison et Object Paris, Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, 100% Design London, Onaris Bern Switzerland

2005 In.grid VIP and Trans.lucy collection Euroluce, Milano 

2002 ETH Zürich Mc Kinsey Businesplan competition , honorary mentioning for the business concept and innovation of the touch interactive mood-lighting sculpture In.grid VIP


2006 Lighting sculpture Prototype for Hennessy France

2004 Sponsored by City Hallenbad & Partners for a window facade aquarium photo installation at the public swimming pool Zürich City and lighting concept indoor and outdoor. In collaboration with Reto Frigg Architects.


2001-2013  marketing and portrait photography  for corporates such as Speedo, UBS,  Julius Baer, Clariden Leu, Vischer law, Zero, ETH Zürich, Battaillard, CMB, PSP, real-estate and private comissions.


1999 Lighting sculpture layer invention. Patented  in 2000.


 In privat collections 


1994 Architecture exchange semester ETH Zürich with CEPT, Ahmedebad India