FIX Photo London 2016

FIX Photo Festival   – An annual celebration of consummate photography in all its forms.

FIX Photo is produced and curated by LANG Director Laura Noble. This free exhibition of photography includes works by an array of domestic and international talent.FIX Photo celebrates the many facets of the medium in all its guises. Accompanied by pop-ups and a programme of events, there are creative discoveries for everyone.

Displaying work by established artists as well as new talent, FIX Photo is committed to giving emerging artists the opportunity to share their work outside of a traditional gallery context. Hosted over four floors alongside the Thames, this unique display in a building full of character offers an idiosyncratic contrast to a formal white space. Situated within the heart of the cultural centre of London, FIX Photo aims to encourage new audiences to photography as the ultimate democratising medium in the arts. FIX Photo promises a visual treat for audiences and a variety as broad as the medium itself.

FIX Photo will explore these themes through fine art photography, photojournalism, street photography and portraiture and fully embrace the diversity and inclusivity of the medium. Exhibiting the highest standard of work artists will celebrate the scope of talent on the photographic scene. The gallery’s agenda intended to promote new photography to as wide an audience as possible , by presenting new or little seen works in context with classic proponents of the medium. Laura Noble has written for numerous publications including Next LevelFoamSnoecks and Image magazines.She was a regular columnist in London Independent Photography and Editor-at-large for Photoicon Magazine.


Noble has written for a number of monographs and is the author of The Fine Art of Collecting Photography and founded L A Noble Gallery in September 2012. It was launched at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam. Holding  a diverse collection of work including established and emerging artists. Our collector base is as inclusive and broad as the exemplary work we exhibit, including public and private museums, corporate collections, experienced collectors and new collectors seeking to purchase their first photographic artwork and develop a collection. Our aim is to engage audiences and expand their perception of the photographic genre in all its forms.


With expert advice on collecting and curating your collection we endeavour to provide a fuller understanding of the medium as a whole for you to enjoy and share. We also provide courses, on site and in your home and/or office on the finer points of photography from its history to its technical developments, collecting, understanding editioning, curating and much more. Our bespoke consultation service can help you to compliment your workplace or home interiors to enhance the impact of each rooms architectural accents and furnishings.

Exhibiting and collaborating with museums in the UK and overseas, we nurture the careers of our broad stable of talent whilst exposing their art to a wider audience. Working closely with photographers at every stage of their careers our popular portfolio reviews and career consultation service has helped to propel emerging and established practitioners to where they want to be in the industry.